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The summer before seventh grade, Thor moved to my neighborhood.  He and I became best friends.  We have been business partners, partners in crime, and of course: heterosexual life-partners.  His entire life, whenever anyone meets him, their first response is almost always either “No way!” or “What is your real name?”  He always gets to smile and say, “My name is Thor.”  So when I found out that Marvel was making a movie based off of their character Thor, I instantly called him.

I have been sending him links to everything Thor related since then.  For the last week, he and I have been throwing texts back and forth about how pumped we are to see Thor.  And last night, I got to go see Thor with Thor.

Thricef, Lynch and THOR!

Thor is one of Marvel’s real gambles this Summer.  He is not a main stream character like Spider-man or the X-men.  Thor is not “based in reality” like Batman, or kind-of Iron Man.  Thor is a god, from another realm called Asgard where he lives with other gods.  Thor fights mystical creatures like Frost Giants and Ragnarök.  Thor is going to be proof to the studio system that comic book properties are either just for the hard core fans, or that America is willing to embrace its inner nerd.  After watching Thor last night, I am hoping that we go with option number two.

This is the story of how Thor (Chris Hemsworth) learned humility.  In the beginning of the film, Thor proves himself to be an arrogant asshole.  He is pitching a tent for fame and fortune, and his campground is battle and war.  He gets his chance when a few Frost Giants sneak into Asgard to try and steal a very powerful weapon from the gods.

A weapon even more powerful than boobs!

Thor sees this as an act of war and wants to attack the Frost Giants realm in retribution. His father, Odin (Anthony Hopkins), tells him no and forbids him from going to the Frost Giants’ realm.  Thor’s brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), plants the idea in his mind that he needs to go in order to protect their kingdom and they are off.  This gets Thor banished to Earth and stripped of his powers until he proves himself worthy of them.

One of my favorite things about this film is the battles.  The battles in the Frost Giant realm, on Earth and in Asgard are absolutely stunning.  Thor is a god.  He wields the might hammer Mjolner.  He is near indestructible, he can fly, he has the strength of the Hulk, he can call down lightning bolts, he can create tornadoes and you get to see him do all of these things throughout his battles.  It is stunning and believable.  There is absolutely CGI at work, but I had no problem buying into this world.

Another reason to watch this movie is Chris Hemsworth.  One, the man is massive.  If Thor were a real being, I have no doubt that he would look like Hemsworth.  But more than just look, he embodied the part.  I believed him when he was brash and arrogant.  I believed him when he was humbled.  I believed him when he was flying through the air smashing Mjolner into The Destroyer.  Thor goes through a large transformation in his arc, but I believed that he was a god the whole time.

Do you remember how I was talking about boobs...

My only real complaint about Thor, and in truth it is really a back-handed compliment, is that there is so much to take in.  The pacing is breakneck.  The imagery is amazing and epic.  The action is non-stop.  I feel like I need to go see this movie several more times just to take it all in.  Plus, I haven’t even talked about Natalie Portman yet.

We should never forget to talk about Natalie!

To wrap this all up.  I got to go see Thor with Thor.  And it was everything that experience should be.  Ladies, we both brought our wives and both enjoyed the movie just as much as we did.  Please go see Thor.  Tell your friends to see Thor.  We should be so lucky to get more movies that are this jam packed with awesome.  Go see Thor.

Have you seen Thor?  What did you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch

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