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Channing Tatum’s ass.  That’s it.  That’s my review.  I really had every intention of just leaving my review there.  One delectable scene of pure ass bliss as Channing Tatum saunters from the couch he slept on in a trendy warehouse Chicago apartment to the bathroom he shares with his wife, who has no idea who he is.  The movie alone is worth seeing for those five beautiful seconds.  In fact, his ass was what brought me out of Bond Girl hiding to spend time penning my long anticipated second movie review for this website.



The niche I offer to this band of misfit movie reviewers is my adoration for romantic comedies (ahem okay, perhaps chick flicks generally) and spy thrillers (I’ve already promised Jonny my input on This Means War- the love child of my two favorite genres).  The Vow is a great chick flick.  If you expected something genius, then you live under a bigger movie rock than I do.  But for a chick flick, it did the trick.  The elements of an ideal chick flick are as follows:  (1) a compelling love story; (2) swoon-worthy male lead who is sensitive, but still very masculine; (2) girl crush worthy female lead who has a little bit of sass; and (4) other miscellaneous aesthetically pleasing elements such as fashionable wardrobe, trendy apartments, cozy coffee shops,  post-card worthy scenery, etc.

First, the compelling love story.  The Vow is about Leo and Paige, a young married couple, who on an extra snowy Chicago evening are in an awful car accident, catapulted into a street lamp by a semi truck that could not slow down.  This car accident leaves Paige (Rachel McAdams), with a form of amnesia that completely blocks out the prior four years of her life, which include her marriage to Leo (Channing Tatum).  The film follows Leo’s efforts to re-woo his wife, who believes him to be a perfect stranger.  The prior four years had also included significant life changes for Paige, which included leaving law school to pursue a career as an artist.  It also included a fall-out with her family.  However, the amnesia has also erased all memory of those life changes as well.  Paige awakes from her coma as if she were the person before she made those changes.

“OMG! I need to update my MySpace page!”

Turning to our leads, fulfilling the next two elements of the perfect chick flick.  Channing Tatum.  As I have already invested a significant amount of drool in the first paragraph, I won’t spend too much longer on the beauty of this man.  His character, Leo, is also swoon-worthy, however.  He is head over heels in love with his wife and does those sweet little romantic gestures, that make real life guys roll their eyes because it sets the bar impossibly high.  He is emotionally intelligent and he plays the guitar.  And he’s handsome, did I make that clear?  Rachel McAdams is a great case for this movie, adding to her already lengthy curriculum vitae of chick flicks, such as the Notebook and the Time Traveller’s Wife.  She is the gorgeous, girl-next-door type who is girl-crush worthy and also has the requisite amount of modern woman, independent, driven sass.

Finally, the miscellaneous aesthetically pleasing catch-all element.  As Leo and Paige are artists, necessarily they have the funky and trendy wardrobe, as well as that warehouse apartment that goes with the territory (but has anyone ever seen one of those in real life?  If so, send me the name of your realtor).  The movie is set in Chicago, so that is a fun element for other Chicago-dwellers.  Paige works at a cozy coffee shop, called Café Mnemonic.  And of course, there are a number of scenes with the perfect snow fall or other post-card worthy backdrop.  The movie is pretty to watch.

shown: pretty to watch

So, I liked this movie.   My female friends like this movie.  Surprisingly, my brother-in-law didn’t hate it.  However, ‘not hating it’ is likely the most endorsement that he will give it, but that’s not a bad endorsement for a guy getting dragged to a movie by his wife.  In sum, the movie is emotionally charged and has a lot of soul.  However, don’t expect anything other than a chick flick… but if that’s what you are looking to see, then you’re in for a treat.

Have you seen The Vow?  What did you think of it?  Let us know in the comments below.

-Strawberry fields 

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