The Hangover 2 Review

Do you remember how awesome The Hangover was?  This movie came out of nowhere and left us all laughing our asses off.  Those dudes stole a tiger?!?  From Mike Tyson?!?  Awesome!  There was utter ridiculousness coming at us from left and right.  Each new person we met (re-met?) with our Wolfpack only made us laugh harder.  With such a hilarious beginning, I can only wonder at what the hell happened this time around.

Fair warning, the rest of this review has minor spoilers throughout.

Apparently, Todd Phillips wasn’t willing to take any risks with his formula.  The Hangover 2 is the exact same movie as the first one, with one major difference: humor.  When I say exactly, I mean EXACTLY.  It is like they took the first script and just replaced things in order to try and make this movie new.  Let’s see, the last movie they stole a tiger.  This movie they will steal a monkey!  Last time we lost the groom.  This time we will lose the brother of the bride.  Last time Chow did some crazy shit.  This time Chow does some crazy shit.  Oh wait, we forgot to do something different there…

They did do an upgrade in the female department.

What really angers me the most about this film is that it is devoid of humor.  I can’t lie.  I laughed a few times.  But they were rare.  The theater that I was in was packed.  I am guessing my screening was sold out.  All through the previews, people were laughing hard.  You could tell that this was an audience ready to roll.  Then the movie started.  You would have assumed we were watching two pandas doing it with how little laughing I heard.

I stand corrected, this is funnier than The Hangover 2.

I think that there were three main problems happening.  The first was that everything that I think they meant to be a joke was more of a “Holy Shit!” moment.  I don’t see how starting a riot or burning down a city block are supposed to be funny.  Maybe it’s just me.  How is getting your ass beat by a monk funny?  It might be in a different context, but to us (and the Wolfpack) it is just a random, senseless beating.  We have no context for why these characters are doing these things to our heroes.  So most of the time, it did not hit at all why it was funny, or perilous, or even interesting.

The second problem was that we don’t see anything actually happen.  Everything in this movie is either our main characters being told what they did or figuring it out through some magic, because they can not remember what happened.  So we have no idea what their motivation was for anything that they do.  I don’t know why they started a riot.  I don’t know why they set a city block on fire.  Therefore, I don’t care.  Nothing in this movie seems to matter.

Much like the plot of any Baywatch episode, it doesn't matter.

Which leads to the third main problem, the worst offender of them all.  The characters don’t seem to care about what they did or what happens to them.  It turns out that one of the characters decided to have anal sex with a transvestite prostitute.  I feel that I should specify by saying that the prostitute was Quarterback to the main character’s Receiver.  Nothing in the movie before or after points to why they would choose to do this.  The character freaks out for about a minute, and then goes on with their day.  Because, apparently, even they don’t care about what happened to them the night before.

Or how about this: Chow gets arrested by an undercover sting operation.  The cops know that he is with the Wolfpack.  The Wolfpack shows up to multiple meetings with either the cops, or Chow and the cops.  But when Chow gets arrested, the cops don’t seem to care at all about the people who seem to be helping him do what he is getting arrested for.  No one in this movie seems to care about the things that are going on around them.

I did not laugh at The Hangover 2.  I walked out disappointed and sad that something that I loved had done me so wrong.  In the end, I felt like I had been the one to get butt-sexed by a trany hooker.  And that just sucks.

Really, really sucks!

Have you seen The Hangover 2?  What did you think of it?  Let us know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch

2 thoughts on “The Hangover 2 Review

  1. I thought it sucked dick compared to the first one. They tried way too hard. Like you said all the oh shit scenes – with the exception of the guitar scene it’s like they said fuck subtle humor let’s just focus on shock humor. If I was in 8th grade maybe I’d think a monkey biting a dick was funny. Hopefully xmen will be better.

  2. Nothing is funnier than two pandas having sex, unless one also happens to be a transvestite hooker panda.

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