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I have been waiting for The Avengers for quite some time now.  I absolutely love movies, but it is rare that I am excited and anticipatory about a film long in advance of it.  I was like that for the second and third Matrix films, I have felt that for The Avengers.

If you do not know about my Joss Whedon woody, he has been a big part of my anticipation.  I have loved everything that he has done.  And giving him every major Marvel character (from film, owned by Marvel) to play with sounds like the best idea ever to me.  (Kind of like adding a third boob to all women. My wife said, “But you only have two hands?” I said, “And a mouth!”)  Joss Whedon gives every character he writes for a personality and a purpose, and when you have such huge characters getting together you need that for it to make any sense at all.

To be honest though, that is not really the reason that I have been so excited for The Avengers.  (Spoilers to follow if you are one of the 47 people left to see this film.)  For me it is all in the visuals with the Avengers.  I get to watch Captain America, Thor and Iron Man battle it out in the forest.  I just saw that.  Seriously!  I have loved comic book characters since I was old enough to know that Superman is awesome.  I have loved comic book characters since I was old enough to know that all of the super heroines wear AMAZING costumes.

Exhibit A.
Exhibit B.

I got to watch The Hulk pick Loki up and slap him from side to side like he was a rag doll, and then walk away and say, “Puny God.”  I saw the Helicarrier fly.  I watched as The Avengers took on an entire alien army through the streets of New York, and my smile could not have been larger while doing so.  I wrote in my Captain America review that that film was what a true super hero film should be because Captain America was a hero throughout the entire film.  Imagine my sheer geek-joy as I watched six super heroes all be super heroes.

Take that happiness cake and smother it with Joss Whedon’s dialogue and you have yourself the makings of true ambrosia.  From “Point Break” to “Cap-sicle” to, “What’s your secret?  Mellow jazz? Bongo drums?  Big Bag of Weed?” you get to share the boundless joy that you know Joss felt every day on set while making this Fortress of Geekitude.  I mean, tell me your entire audience did not laugh out loud when Hulk sucker punched Thor.  Just go ahead and try and tell me.

It is such a rare experience when something lives up and even passes your massive expectations.  I went into The Avengers wanting everything, and somehow Joss gave me more.  I did not expect to find Black Widow being one of the most badass and enjoyable characters.  I guess I should have from the man who brought us Buffy and Faith.  But watching Black Widow destroy three men while strapped to a chair in a sexy black dress was almost as good as watching her screw with Loki in skin-tight black leather.

Thank you Joss!

I also would like to weigh in on 2D vs. 3D as I watched this film in both.  I originally saw it in 2D because the largest screen in Des Moines was only showing it in that format.  I then saw it again this weekend in 3D.  The difference for me was crispness.  What 3D seems to bring to the table is that everything is in focus.  There is no foreground and background, everything is in focus.  Watching fight scenes, battle scenes and things like the Helicarrier were far easier to do in 3D because I could always see where and what everything was.  If you have only seen the film in 2D, I would recommend checking it out in the third dimension.  I am more surprised than anyone that I am saying that, but here I would recommend it.

Truly you have probably already read Jonny’s Avengers review, I just wrote this review because I am so deeply in love with this film.  The Avengers gave me everything that I asked for and more.  The Avengers made so many of my geek dreams come true.  Thank you Avengers.

Have you seen the Avengers?  What did you think of it?  Let us know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch

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