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I have always had a desire to make movies.  I have personally made two movies in my life.  One was a kung fu movie I made in high school where The Matrix and revenge flicks were my main inspiration.  Then in college I made a movie that was a mashup of Popeye and animal house.  (Basically what if Popeye had used liquor instead of spinach to get strong.)  I have to admit that neither one is a good movie, but they both hit so many happy spots for me that I could watch them over and over.

Another thing that you should know about me is that I love movies, but that I hate to watch any movie twice.  There have been a few exceptions.  The Last Dragon was a staple for me as an eight to ten year old.  You are the last dragon, you possess the power of the GLOW!

I also love The Matrix, and have probably seen it close to 50 times.

But, other than those two, I just can’t justify watching a movie again when there are so many movies out there that I have not seen.  What if the next new movie I see is amazing?  What if it leads me to a great director?  What if I find an amazing fight choreographer?  There are so many more movies out there than I have hours in my life.  I simply need to keep finding more great movies.

With all of that information, I now make these two proclamations:  1.  I will watch Sucker Punch repeatedly.  2. If I were given studio money and the chance to make anything I wanted, I would have happily made Sucker Punch.  Thank you Zack Snyder.

Zack found a way to put all of the things that you see in countless movies across countless genres that make you go “Holy Shit!” or “No Fucking Way!” or “Oh Hell YES!” into one movie.  Zack found a way to take beautiful, petite women and make you believe that they are bad ass action heroes.  And he dressed everyone of them up like it is Halloween in Vegas.  I have read other reviewers bitch about how women empowerment movies always put down women by dressing them up for men’s fetishistic fantasies.  I have news for all of you: this movie was not made for women.  In fact, it was not made for men.

I will put out there that Zack Snyder made this movie for himself.  Zack Snyder made Sucker Punch the way that I would make a movie.  (I am guessing/dreaming/hoping here.)  If I was given the chance to make whatever I wanted, I would try and make it as perfect for me as possible.  Wouldn’t it be cool if we made a movie with five gorgeous girls who were also an elite fighting team?  Yup.

Hey, how about we have them fight zombie-nazis?  Sweet!  I know, they could also fight orcs and dragons.  Nice!  What about if they fight robot hoards as well?  Wow, well done.  Can we dress them up in all of our favorite Halloween costumes while they are doing it?  Brilliant!  Oh man, we totally have to have a scene where there is a giant demon samurai fight.  Hell, why not three giant demon samurais?  Can we give one of them a gatling gun?  You are god damn right we can!

Whenever Baby Doll went down to the third level of her fantasy reality (the elite fighting team level), I was literally yelling out for joy every 10 seconds.  Vanessa Hudgens with an ax, fighting zombie-nazis in the trenches?  Amazing!

Abbie Cornish blowing away orcs with an automatic assault rifle?  Well played!

Jena Malone cold cocking the enemy with the but of her rifle?  You better believe it!

Jaime Chung destroying airplanes in the sky in a giant mech?  Yes please!

Emily Browning with a sword and a pistol shooting the eye out of a giant demon samurai?  Yes, please!

Sucker Punch is every geek fantasy that I have ever thought up thrown into one movie.  After leaving it last night I did come up with an idea on how I could make it even bigger and allow for more and more of the elite fighting squad level scenes to be added in, but everyone has to have a dream.

Another thing I need to point out is the realism in this movie.  I know what you are thinking, “Realism?  It’s all green screen?  What you talking about Lynch?”  Well, for six months before the girls even started working on dialog they were in training.  Combat training.  Special forces training.  Weapons training.  These girls performed 90% of their own stunts, actually became a combat squad and even actually fired real guns on screen.  In the scene where Abbie Cornish fires a giant Gatling gun at a blimp in order to bring it down.  They actually put the gun on wires and had her fire it.  Awesome!!!!!!

I loved Sucker Punch.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.  I will be going to see it again, if you need someone to go with.  Go see Sucker Punch.

(I have added my thoughts on the story structure and ending below.  Scroll down if you would like to read, but be warned that it involves heavy spoilers.)

Have you seen Sucker Punch?  What did you think of it?  Let me know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch



I have been reading reviews where the reviewer says that the story makes no sense or that nothing that happens matters because everything is in a dream state.  Number one, no movie is real, so why does anything that happens in any movie matter?  Every movie is a work of fiction.   Even documentaries are told on a slant.  Saying that the fact that most everything was in Baby Dolls head makes what happens not matter, is like saying Indiana Jones was just in Stephen Spielberg and George Lucas’s heads, so who cares what happened to him.

As to the reviewers who said that the story does not make sense, it is not that hard.  There are three levels of reality that go on.  The top level is the insane asylum where Baby Doll is about to be get a lobotomy.

The second level down is the stripper/whore house where Baby Doll and the rest of the girls are trying to escape.  This reality is what Baby Doll put over what was happening in the asylum to make it more bearable.  It is easier to think of losing your virginity that it is to think about losing your mind.

The third level down is where Baby Doll goes to envision her compatriots and herself as empowered women who can take on any challenge.  This is where they are the elite fighting squad and where Baby Doll goes in order to perform her missions.

EVERYTHING that happens in one reality happens in ALL THREE realities.  In the closing scenes in the asylum you  see the real characters that we get metaphorical representations of in the two bottom levels.  You see the effects of the explosion.  You see the characters that the girls fought in order to gain their four items necessary for escape.  You see Blue who Baby Doll stabbed.  You hear that Baby Doll really did help one girl escape in the top reality.  How did metaphorical representations of actual events in the film’s reality not have actual consequences?

Sometimes I feel like critics are looking for anything to pull apart, and are therefore not paying attention.  Sucker Punch makes sense.  If you need help understanding it, I will happily help explain it.  Seriously.

7 thoughts on “Sucker Punch Review

  1. I could’t agree with you more! My partner thought it was a waste of two hours and instead I thought it was a visual masterpiece. The incorporation of music, visual effects, human beauty, and fashion made it an unforgettable experience. I commend you and Zack Snyder for following my favourite quote from the movie in your article: “If you dont stand for something youll fall for anything…”

    I live in Vancouver and I would gladly watch it again if someone here needs company!

    P.S. If you do plan to see it… go watch it in IMAX!!

  2. Ryan,
    Thanks to your review I can’t wait to see this movie. If it weren’t so late tonight I’d run out. Sadly, I will have to wait till tomorrow morning and report back.

  3. Loved your theory that Zach Snyder made this movie for himself. Just came up with as much awesome stuff as he could, and was like, “hell YES!”

  4. Hey
    I want and saw it today and it was totally awesome :). i so agree with u about people saying its sexist, its a good movie shut up already.

    there are some things that confuse me and id appreciate it if some1 explained. first of all why does her stepdad hit her and her sister at the start? wat does he want? and also does he kill their mum? and is the dancing in her head?

    thanx for the review anyway

    • He hits and tries to rape them because their mother left her fortune to them, and he got nothing. Their mother died from a disease. Everything in the whore house and in the fight scenes were in Babydolls head.

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