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A couple of weeks ago, I added this Request for Top 10’s to 47 Reviews.  Since then I have been assembling my own.  To explain my process: I brainstormed a large group of movies that I thought would be on my list.  Then I wrote them all out on individual pieces of paper in order to make a visual list.  On that list I would compare two movies at a time with the question, “If I was trapped on a desert island with a solar cell and a computer that only had one of these movies on it, which one would I want?”

Most of the times, that choice was pretty clear.  Sometimes it was not.  So without further ado, here are Ryan Lynch’s Top 10 favorite movies of all time:

10. Captain America (Joe Johnston)

You can read my review of Captain America to see why this one made the list.  I love true super heroes.  People who do what they do because they have decided who they are and what they stand for.  This film showed that Captain America was Captain America long before he had the super powers.  Much of this list is filled with films that have helped me define who I am.  I want the conviction of Captain America.

9. Fight Club (David Fincher)

Fight Club actually helps me define who I am by showing me what I am not.  Brad Pitt is mesmerizing in this film.  He is the ultimate salesman and a true Pied Piper.  As much as I loved a lot of what he said to Ed Norton and everyone else in this film, being able to argue back with him in my philosophy writings in college (mostly for philosophy classes) helped me really define how I thought and how I wanted to treat others.  Plus it showed me the power of being the followed over the follower.

8. The Thomas Crown Affair (John McTiernan)

I have wanted to be Thomas Crown for a while.  Not the bored art thief, but the master of his own life.  Thomas Crown was always in control, always one (or twenty) steps ahead of everyone else.  He created the life that he wanted and would never settle for anything else.  Thomas Crown gave me my goals for both time and financial control.

7. The Dark Knight (Chrstopher Nolan)

In a weird way The Dark Knight is a lot like Captain America for me.  Bruce Wayne is forced to push himself to the very edge of what his philosophy and actions have created.  Because he chose to become an idea for justice, someone else chose to become an idea for chaos.  The problem with this is that if Bruce kills the Joker he has fallen over to the side of chaos.  If he does not kill him, than there is the chance that the Joker will continue to kill more people.  It is a catch 22, and that Batman sticks to his philosophy makes him that much stronger.  The reason this one is further up the list than Captain America is that it is just simply an amazing movie no matter how you look at it. Even if this film had nothing to do with super heroes and super villains, it would still be an amazing movie.

6. The Princess Bride (Rob Reiner)

There are very few movies that I have seen more than once.  Even some of the movies on this list I have only seen once.  My thought is that there are so many movies out there, that if I spend time watching one repeatedly I might be missing out on other great movies.  The Princess Bride, however, I could watch again and again.  The characters in The Princess Bride are each and every one of them perfect.  You have the perfect hero, the truly evil villain with the twisted henchman.  You have the “intelligent” scoundrel with the gentle giant and mercenary for hire.  To be honest, I could watch the Inigo Montoya “You killed my father.” speech on repeat and most likely not go insane.  This movie is just fantastic.

5. The Iron Giant (Brad Bird)

Speaking of fantastic, it is hard to find a movie that makes you truly feel throughout it.  Finding a cartoon that does that and makes you feel for a character that can’t even speak is even more phenomenal.  The Iron Giant is a movie that everyone should watch with their parents or their kids.  It is a great story about how to accept everyone.

4. The Last Dragon (Michael Schultz)

This is one of the very few movies that I have seen A LOT!  I had it on VHS when I was a kid and played it until it would no longer play.  Bruce Leeroy, Sho’Nuff and the Glow were everything that I wanted in my life.  I can still watch the final showdown and get goosebumps as Bruce realizes what the Glow truly is.  A even have a giant smile on my face right now just typing that last sentence.

3. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (John Hughes)

This is another movie where I wanted nothing more than to be Ferris.  He was friends with everyone, instantly.  He always made sure to take the time to enjoy his life.  Even better than that he worked to make sure that those around him were as happy as possible as well.  You could almost not do better than being Ferris Bueller.

2. Van Wilder (Walt Becker)

That is, unless you are Van Wilder.  This movie came out halfway through my college years.  It was everything that I wanted college to be.  Going after the beautiful woman, having close, personal friends, and getting to know and befriend everyone.

1. The Matrix Trilogy (The Wachowski Siblings)

There was not even a question that this was going to be my number one.  Not The Matrix, the original.  But the entire Trilogy.  At some point I am going to sit down and write three very lengthy reviews of all of my thoughts on this amazing trilogy.  These were a combination of everything that I loved: sci-fi, kung-fu, philosophy and action.  They were groundbreaking in so many ways, and had a truly meaningful impact on my life and how I think.  I could watch these movies, one after another, on repeat for the rest of my life.  So The Matrix Trilogy is my number one pick.

So that is my top ten.  Let me know what you think of my choices.  If you want to submit your top ten for the site, please email them to Ryan Lynch at 47LLC dot com.  Thanks for reading.

~Ryan Lynch

5 thoughts on “Ryan’s Top 10

  1. Wouldn’t it be awesome with matrix in 3d? Great list. My top 10
    10) heat
    9) goodfellas
    8) american history x
    7) top gun
    6) batman begins
    5) dark knight
    4) we bought a zoo
    3) moneyball
    2) meet joe black
    1) almost famous

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