Resident Evil: Afterlife Review

I just got back from Resident Evil: Afterlife and I have to admit I had a geekgasm at it.

First off, I have to talk about the 3D.  This movie was shot with the same technology as Avatar, which was exactly what I equated it with while viewing it.  I loved in Avatar how you could see bugs flying around close to you and far away anytime someone was walking around in the jungle.  The same effect works beautifully in this movie with water, plant life and zombies.  They utilize several wide shots of hundreds of zombies and each is detailed because everything is in focus with the 3D technology.  It makes for some fantastic murderous horde of death scenes.

I only had two issues with the 3D and that came from a giant landscape view of a mountain with blurred areas where the foreground met the background, as if the lens could not handle that much content.  The other was when  objects meant to stick out towards the camera (knifes, pipes, etc.) were swung too quickly for the focus to follow.

I have only ever played the first Resident Evil game, and I played that when it originally came out.  But Afterlife felt like the game as I remember it because there where several distinct “levels” that Alice (Milla Jovovich) got to explore such as an underground bunker, prison or cruise ship.  We as the audience got to discover everything as she did as it was brand new to her, too.  Random enemies popped out of nowhere and impossible things happened.  It really did feel like a blended movie/video game.  I applaud Paul W. S. Anderson for that.

Which brings me to the action.  About 100% of what happens is insane.  This is in no way a reflection of reality, and I loved it!  If you liked The Matrix, Equilibrium or The One you will like this action.  Hell, Afterlife borrows heavily from all three (very heavily).  The plot does progress the timeline from the previous movies, but just like the previous three it is basically Alice versus the Umbrella Corporation with a whole bunch of other characters getting ready to be zombie food thrown in.

I had a lot of fun with Resident Evil: Afterlife and those of you who will too know who you are.  If you like movies with crazy visuals, kung fu fights and tons of ridiculous action, this one is for you.

Plus, it has Milla Jovovich:

And Ali Larter:

What are your thoughts?  Agree or disagree with me?  Let me know in the comments.

~Ryan Lynch