Netflix Review: Dear Zachary

Rarely does a movie hit you with almost every emotion.  Comedies are funny, dramas are tense and sometimes upsetting, action flicks get your blood racing.  Usually filmmakers are not ambitious enough to try and work totally separate emotions throughout the course of a movie.  If done poorly, it can make a film almost unwatchable.  But if they can pull it off, what usually transpires is an unforgettable experience.  Dear Zachary pulls it off magnificently.  It is a documentary that makes you laugh, makes you cry, enrages you and inspires you.

Netflix Review: Resurrect Dead

In this day and age, there really are very few true mysteries out there.  With the click of a mouse, you can basically find the answer to any question you ask.  One of the things I love most about documentaries is when a passionate filmmaker chases a storyline that most people know nothing about in search of answers or some form of conclusion.  Resurrect Dead is one of the best examples of this that doesn’t involve a murder.  It is documentary about a true-life mystery that has gone on for decades.

Ted Review

I am not a huge Seth Macfarlane fan.  I enjoyed Family Guy when it first came out, but then every show had no point and just seemed like an excuse to make a weird pop culture reference.  I tried American Dad for about two episodes, but pretty much had the same complaints about it.  Which meant that I didn’t even give The Cleveland show a chance.

Prometheus Review

I will start with a spoiler warning. Much of this review is going to talk about pretty massive spoilers for the film.  So you should really only read on if you have already seen the film, or you don’t care about reading spoilers before seeing it.  If you fall into either of those camps, read on.  If not, you might want to come back after seeing Prometheus.

Drunken Review: Battleship

Well you can’t say we don’t ever try something new.  Oh wait!  That’s how the LAST drunken review started!  Well… you can’t say we don’t ever try something new again.  We had such a positive, overwhelming response to our last drunken review by Mr. Roboto that we practically begged him to come back and write another one.  Why and how he agreed is another matter entirely.  The “why” is that we bribed him with a lot of alcohol.  The “how” is remarkably similar.  The following is being presented to you in its pure, unadulterated, and edit-free composition.  Enjoy!

Men in Black 3 Review

I really did enjoy the original Men in Black. Will Smith was just coming into his own, and movie magic was good enough that everything was believable.  But then Men in Black 2 came out and it was essentially the exact same movie.  Beat for beat, almost the exact same things happened, but somehow it was much worse.  So I had mixed feelings going into MIB3.  I am happy to report that Men in Black 3 was able to come away as my favorite of the three.