Netflix Review: Jackie Brown

So I don’t know how this happened. You see, I love Quentin Tarantino.  Reservoir Dogs, loved it.  Kill Bill, loved it.  Pulp Fiction, loved it.  Inglorious Basterds, loved it.  And yes, even Death Proof, loved it.  But I have never seen Jackie Brown.  I didn’t see it when it came out.  I never picked it up at Blockbuster.  (Remember those?)  Somehow, Jackie Brown just never made it in front of my eyes.  I have seen Four Rooms man.  I swear I love the QT!

Today, I corrected all that is wrong in the world.  Today, I watched Jackie Brown.

If you can believe it, Jackie Brown is the story of Jackie Brown.  She is an airline stewardess who is helping a gun dealer move his money from Mexico into the United States.  She gets caught in the beginning of the film, and the rest of the film involves her playing the gun dealer and his thugs against the police and one ATF agent.

As can always be said with Tarantino, he casts this movie beautifully.  He single-handedly revived Pam Grier’s career.  And although I don’t think she is as hot as the film played her up to be, she did play the role beautifully.  Samuel L. Mother-Fuckin Jackson as the prick of a gun dealer… do I even need to explain how perfect that casting choice is?  Robert De Niro as a burnt out, ex-convict: amazing!  And speaking of pretty, did anyone notice Bridget Fonda?

Then there is the reason that you love Tarantino.  It’s the reason I love Tarantino.  It’s the reason everyone loves Tarantino.  That sweet, delectable, silky-smooth dialog.  This man could describe the contours of Jonny Green’s horribly deformed man meat(well, kind of a man), and you would be riveted.

This picture actually makes Jonny jealous.

But do you know what really makes this movie?  Chris Tucker is killed five minutes after he shows up on screen.  Thank you Tarantino!  Thank you!

I also must applaud this movie for its realism when it comes to cash.  In a past life I was a teller who was in charge of the vault and cash for a large bank.  We would regularly have over $300,000 in cash and it really doesn’t take up that  much room.  Especially if you have it all in $100s.  I know everyone can’t stand it when a movie gets something so completely wrong that you are used to dealing with everyday, and this has always been my one stupid thing.  Ok, rant over.

I will happily recommend this movie to most anyone.  It is not near as gory as Tarantino’s other films.  It has a great plot with real characters laying down beautiful dialog.  The next time you need a film for the evening.  Try out Jackie Brown.

Have you seen Jackie Brown?  What did you think?  Let me know in the comments.

~Ryan Lynch

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