Netflix Review: Ichi the Killer

Fucked up.

That is the simplest way to describe this movie.  Basically, have you seen Oldboy?  Imagine if the last 15 minutes of Oldboy, where you learn and see so many screwed up things, were stretched out to be a two hour long movie.  You would have Ichi the Killer.

With that said, I loved it.  From a title sequence focused solely on dripping semen to a masochist searching for death, you have a movie that is so unlike anything else out there you just need to wallow in it for a while.

Let’s just take one character for an example: Ichi.  He is a psychopathic killer who killed his parents.  He was then brain washed to believe that in school, he was being bullied and a girl came to protect him who ended up getting raped by the bullys.  This upset Ichi, because HE wanted to rape her.  So now the brain washer sends him out to kill “bullys”.  He does this by going out in a full body leather suit with blades attached to the suit.

He then gets made fun of by the “bullys” until he gets so worked up that he kills them all.  He does all of this while being a whiny little bitch, acting like a 12 year old girl and crying.  And that is just one of the characters in the film.

There are other greats such as Kakihara who is a masochist that is angry his boss is missing because his boss was the only one who really had the necessary pleasure in beating him to make it feel “right”.  He also has a mouth twice the size of a normal humans because it has been cut up to the jaw bone on both sides.  It is never told if he did this to himself, or if it was done to him.  It does lead to a great scene where someone tries to punch him and he bites the guys entire hand as punishment.

This movie involves torture (self inflicted and otherwise), violent sex scenes, blood, semen and much more.

If you now think that I am a deeply disturbed individual who should seek psychiatric help, this movie is not for you.  But if you are like me and smiling as you read all of this, I highly recommend you go out and see this movie.  Simply to have the knowledge that I was able to sit through and somehow enjoy these odd, tortured people was more than enough to get me through the movie.

Have you seen the movie?  What did you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

~Ryan Lynch

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