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I need to start off this review by saying that I have a huge man-crush on Ryan Reynolds.  I have followed him since 2 Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place.  I have modeled parts of my personality off of Van Wilder.  I went crazy over The Nines.  I am freaking out about Green Lantern.  I even liked Blade Trinity simply because he was in it (Such a sad follow up to the beauty of Blade II).  So anytime that a Ryan Reynolds movie comes across my plate, I am more than happy to add it to the Netflix queue.

That is how Chaos Theory ended up in my mailbox.  Chaos Theory follows Frank (Ryan Reynolds) as a time management expert.  In fact he is so good at time management, some might say he has a stick up his ass because of it.  One of those some is his lovely wife, Susan (Emily Mortimer). In a thought to mess with him a little one day, she decides to set all of the clocks forward ten minutes.  Unfortunately, she set them all back by ten minutes.  Because of this simple prank, Frank misses his ferry to a speaking engagement.  Because he missed the ferry, he is late to the presentation he is giving about the importance of being on time.  Because he is late to his presentation, he does horribly.  Because he does horribly, he gets drunk.

Stupid Drunk!

All of these little things end up leading to one huge misunderstanding with Susan.  The misunderstanding gets sorted out, but leads Frank to a huge revelation about his life.  In essence, the life that he had so meticulously planned and organized turns out to be subject to complete chaos.  This revelation rocks Franks world to his very core.  He completely throws away every belief he had about order and gives in completely to the chaos in an attempt to erase everything that has happened to him.

This leads to Paula (Sarah Chalke), motorcycles and murder!!! (Watch the movie for the murder line alone, well worth it!)

Don't you just love when things lead to Sarah Chalke?

What I really love about this movie is that it seems like getting from the beginning to the end is going to involve over-the-top, movie magic, bull crap.  But every single step seems believable.  You watch a man deconstruct, and then reconstruct his entire philosophy of life.  And not only is it believable, but humorous throughout.  I found myself laughing consistently as well as truly feeling for the plight that Frank is going through.  The characters in this movie feel like real characters.  Even the flunky best friend, played by Stuart Townsend, feels like he has legitimate motivation for everything he does in the movie.

Chaos Theory has a message behind it.  But it lets the story tell you that message without being preachy, bitchy or whiny.  And the message will make you feel good about life, people and the world in general.  I recommend Chaos Theory to anyone who likes fully formed characters, humor, some thought in their movies and MURDER!!!  (Seriously, great line!)

Have you seen Chaos Theory?  What did you think about it?  Let me know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch

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