Netflix Review: 9

First a story: I had a chance to see this in the theater.  I went with my friend and his wife to the local theater.  He wanted to see The Informant!, while she wanted to see 9.  I sided with him and all three of us fell asleep in the theater. The Informant! was more boring than having sex with your mother (BOOYEAH!).  Moral of the story, Fat Damon does not a good movie make.

The great white hope he is not.

9 is the story of nine dolls that “awaken” into a post-apocalyptic world.  It is a Tim Burton/Timur Bekmambetov produced film, so that should tell you something about its tone.  I must admit that I really liked how dark this animated adventure was.  They pulled no punches.  At one point one of the dolls stops to take a rest and re-purposes a disembodied hand for the task.  They show decimated bodies, hideous creatures and truly earn the PG-13 rating.

I am sorry, dead bodies. Not decimated bodies.

What I really liked about this film was how much Shane Acker (director) let the scene and the characters actions explain the story.  There is some exposition, but really the story unfolds through what is happening around the characters.

Each of the characters is a little robot placed inside burlap with a number, 1-9, placed on its back.  You get to meet all of them, but none of them are ever really explained more than a general archetype.  You have the person who is afraid of everything.  You have the person who wants to explore.  You have a ninja, a brute, an artist, an idiot savant and more.

Again, none of the characters are really fleshed out but it really works with keeping the story moving along.  What is nice is that these dolls are just as in the dark as we are.  We discover and understand what happened to earth in real time with them.

Wait. What?

Oh, now I get it.

Would I recommend this movie.  Absolutely.  It is a quick, entertaining film that has great visuals, some beautiful fight scenes and a coherent story.  Check out 9 if you get the chance.

Have you seen 9? What did you think?  Let us know in the comments.

~Ryan Lynch