Men in Black 3 Review

I really did enjoy the original Men in Black. Will Smith was just coming into his own, and movie magic was good enough that everything was believable.  But then Men in Black 2 came out and it was essentially the exact same movie.  Beat for beat, almost the exact same things happened, but somehow it was much worse.  So I had mixed feelings going into MIB3.  I am happy to report that Men in Black 3 was able to come away as my favorite of the three.

First off, Will Smith.  I have to give this man what he is due in that he has created a film career with very few misses.  I have enjoyed everything from “Hancock” to “I, Robot” to “I am Legend.”  And in each one Smith has been believable as very different characters.  He has the ability to bring gravitas and humor to a character, sometimes in the same moment.  Men in Black 3 seems to be a very different movie than the first two, simply because Smith gives Agent J so much more of that weight to his performance.

My next favorite part of this film is Griffin.  Griffin is a 5th dimensional being who exists in all possible universes at the same time.  The best way I can think of to describe this is that right now is fixed and is only happening one way.  Griffin exists in right now.  But he can also see every possible future that could happen depending on all of the different variables that occur.  So at any given point in time Griffin is aware of every possibility of what will happen next, as well as every possibility of what will happen after that into infinity.

If anyone gets this reference: plus 47 nerd points!

What I love about the character is that he plays it with wonder and awe.  There is no god complex in this man.  He could easily try and manipulate for the outcomes that he wants to see, but instead he is honored to be privy to witnessing all of the possibilities.  It makes the character so likable and innocent that it leaves you smiling at everything he says.

I also really enjoyed how much weight in general is put into this film.  The first two MIB films really made end of the world scenarios seem so silly.  Sure, we might all be close to death and annihilation, but Frank the Pug is so damn cute!  By taking the focus and making it more about Agent J and Agent K’s (played by both Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin) relationship, you get to learn more about the characters.  You even get a twist at the end that I did not see coming but worked perfectly with everything else that had happened.

I am even very surprised that the time travel plot line made sense in the world they had already created.  I do not want to give away any spoilers, but everything that happened in the past could have very easily already happened in the past and that is just the way that things always were.

The only thing this film was really missing was aliens and women.  Other than Boris the Animal and Griffin, you really don’t get much alien time.  It had Nicole Scherzinger of Pussy Cat Dolls fame very quickly in the beginning and Alice Eve in a throwaway role, but other than that this film was dominated by men.

Oh, to be dominated by Nicole…

I really liked Men in Black 3, and I would recommend it to anyone who like a good summer popcorn flick.  It has action, comedy and more than a little heart.

Have you seen Men in Black 3?  What did you think of it?  Let us know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch