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Last night I saw Megamind.  I have to say that I was entertained.  I found myself laughing throughout the movie.

Will Farrell is Megamind, an alien who was sent to this planet because his planet was being destroyed much like Superman’s origin. The twist is that at the same time, on another planet, another baby is sent away for the exact same reason.  Where Megamind is super intelligent, the other alien baby has all of Superman’s powers.

This story actually ends up exploring the nature versus nurture argument.  In other words, if you were sent to earth with the mental capacity to be it’s savior, but were outmatched by someone even better, what would you do?  Since the other baby constantly saves the day and puts down Megamind, he becomes the villain.  Megamind wants to be the best at something.  Since he cannot become the best hero, he becomes the best villain.

Did someone say best villain? (Massive bonus points if you know who this is.)

From the beginning, Megamind is screwed by crash landing in a prison.  He gets bested in school by his alian baby counterpart (who eventually becomes Metro Man, voiced by Brad Pitt.)  From there he embraces being the bad boy, and constantly being beaten by Metroman.  Megamind enjoys his life of planning elaborate escapes from prison, and even more elaborate ways to defeat Metroman.

The problem comes when Megamind actually succeeds.  He not only defeats Metroman, but he annihilates him.  Now he gets everything he ever believed he wanted.  He gets everything that he was nurtured to become: anarchy, take over the world, run amok in the streets.  But Megamind finds that he is not happy.  He tries to remedy this by creating another superhero, which backfires when his hero decides that he would rather be a villain.  Now Megamind must decide who he truly is, and what he truly wants in his life.

What is the meaning of life?

I also need to point out David Cross as the loyal sidekick, Minion.  David plays the thoughtful caregiver who is also the muscle.  He is a fish-like creature that Megamind builds better and better robot bodies for.  I love that by the time they are adults, his body is that of the sidekick gorilla variety, and he is actually the muscle for Megamind.  It is a great visual!

I laughed throughout this movie.  I thought that Tom McGrath (the director) did a fantastic job.  Plus I went with my wife and her mother, and they both liked it as well.  I can safely recommend this movie to anyone who likes animated movies or superhero movies.  I think Megamind will satisfy both.

~Ryan Lynch

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