Love and Other Drugs Review

Love and Other Drugs is a twist on the conventional love story.  Instead of boy meets girl, they fall in love, shit happens, they overcome shit; you get something a little different.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway play two characters who are not interested in a relationship. Instead, neither one of them wants anything serious and they are really just looking for fuck-buddies.  And that they do.  Which brings me to two great reasons to see this movie:

May I present Reason 1, and Reason 2.

Ladies, I don’t want you to think that you don’t get anything out of this equation.  I think Jake might have more nude scenes than clothed in this movie.

Rock hard, party nipples!

So Jake and Anne are having a great time getting to know each others’ every crevasse.  (That word should be pronounced krev-oz for true comedic effect.)  Jake is being a baller as a drug sales rep.  This movie is set in the mid 90’s and Jake is working for Phizer right before Viagra comes out.  He gets Viagra and his success is rock solid.

Rock. Solid.

So where is the drama, you ask.  Well, Anne Hathaway’s character has Parkinson’s disease.  Jake is on the fast track, Anne is on the screwed track.  But even that is not where the real tension comes in.  Neither Jake or Anne want to have a real relationship.  Anne doesn’t want one because she does not wish her burden on anyone else.  Jake doesn’t want one because he has never really known (or cared) what love is.  He has been boinking beautiful women left and right since he was ten years old, he has never seen the point.

But as these two find new and better ways to commit coitus, they are also finding that they are kindred spirits and falling in love.  There is a hilarious scene where Jake actually gets physically ill before he tells Anne that he loves her.  I give Gyllenhaal huge credit for making me believe this scene.  He then admits that he has never told ANYONE that he loves them.

This leads to both of them trying to push the other away which leads to other interesting scenes.  I am only going to say two words: Thai-curios.

As in, Katheryn Winnick is Thai-curios.

This movie has lots of hot naked people.  It has a fantastic love story, and it is just a very engrossing story.  I can highly recommend this movie to all.

Have you seen Love and Other Drugs?  What did you think of it?  Let me know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch

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  1. “Jake is on the fast track, Anne is on the screwed track.” That was my favorite line of the post. Laughed out loud in the library!

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