Limitless Review

Limitless is the story of Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper).  He is a writer who can’t even write the first word of his book.  He lives like a slob, both in appearance and abode.  He has no money.  To top it all off, he gets dumped in the first five minutes of the film.  Sounds like a great central character, right?

But then Eddie runs into his ex-brother-in-law, Vernon.  Vernon takes Eddie to coffee and is able to get Eddie to lay out his entire sob story.  But Vernon had a reason for doing this: he works for a company that is developing a new drug that “allows you to access 100% of your brain”, instead of the normal 20% that we all use.  He gives Eddie a free sample and his card, tells him it will change his life, and is off.

Walking home, Eddie figures that his life couldn’t possible get any worse.  So what is the harm in trying NZT-48?  He pops it like a mint.  Walking up the stairs to his apartment he runs into the landlord’s wife at about the exact moment that the pill starts to take effect.  I have to admit, I love how Director Neil Burger showed when Eddie was on and off the pill.  You don’t realize it, but up until this point the screen has been dark and gritty.  Once the pill takes effect, everything gets bright, colorful and vivid.  It is a very effective transition.  And once Eddie reverts back to normal, you find yourself almost wanting the view to go back to bright and colorful.  Give the audience another hit of NZT-48, man.

Just give me a little bit man...

Once Eddie is full on tripping he has access to every piece of information that has ever even been in his peripheral view.  He sweet talks the landlord’s wife (who hates him at first) into bed, then goes up to his apartment and writes the first half of his book.

But the next day he is just regular old Eddie again.  Through a twist of fate he is able to get his hands on a large supply of NZT-48 and this is when things get interesting.  He keeps pushing himself further and further until he comes up with “the plan.”  But he needs money in order to make the plan happen.  Enter Robert DiNiro as Carl Von Loon, world famous financier.  Eddie talks his way into Von Loon’s inner circle very quickly.

Beautiful woman and money. It's a rough life...

I have only really been talking about the first 30-40 minutes of this film thus far.  Limitless has twists and turns that I honestly did not see coming.  I liked that every time I thought I knew what was coming next, I was thrown a curve ball.  Limitless is not an action movie.  It is a sci-fi/thriller/mystery/regular guy becomes super hero mash up.  And it works brilliantly.  I would highly recommend Limitless to most anyone.  It is simple to follow, but not simple to predict.  Go see Limitless.

Have you seen Limitless?  What did you think of it?  Let me know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch