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I have been pumped for Green Lantern for some time now.  I am a huge Ryan Reynolds fan, and have been since 2 Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place.  I have watched every single promotional video.  I have seen every preview.  I have read tons of reviews.  Unfortunately, if you have read any of those reviews, you know that I was going into Green Lantern with very low expectations.

In the end I think that they titled the movie wrong.  It should not have been called Green Lantern.  It should have been called Hal Jordan.  The problem with origin movies is that they have to be the origin.  This movie is the movie of how Hal Jordan became a Green Lantern.  My main complaint with this movie is the exact same as Ang Lee’s Hulk movie.  I go in pumped to see Green Lantern or the Hulk, but they are only in the movie for a total of 10 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong.  They do the few scenes of the Green Lantern using his powers right.  Every crazy flight, every insane telepathic fight scene looks amazing.  Some of the constructs that Hal makes are just fantastic to watch.  Oa, the alien planet that the Green Lantern Core calls home base is just brilliant to watch.  But they are so little of the movie that it is mainly just a cock tease.

You tease, you...

That is where I think all of that marketing did me wrong.  Every marketing piece centered around how amazing Oa was, or the Green Lantern effects.  Then I watch the movie, and there were maybe three scenes of Green Lantern action that I had not already seen.  Again, every one of these scenes looked amazing.  So much so that I wanted far more of them and far less of everything else.

Because frankly, the origin story was so by the book that they could have just told it to us in a prologue and gone on to be an awesome intergalactic police procedural.  Hal is a prodigy who doesn’t want any responsibility.  Hal gets big responsibility by being chosen as the one.  He tries to fight it, but then faces a threat that only he can take down.  How many different movies did that just make you think of?

Hollywood is big on originality.

Honestly, everyone in this movie is trying their damnedest with what they are given.  Ryan Reynolds is acting the shit out of the crap dialog he is given.  (Puns intended.)  Peter Saarsgard makes Hector Hammond (the earthly bad guy) one creepy little dude.  The shrieks of pain that come out of him when he is being transformed into a super villian are blood curdling.  Even Blake Lively was believable speaking lines like: “You have the ability to overcome fear!”  That is an actual line folks.

The effects are amazing.  I do admit that the mask is just stupid, but the suits being a representation of each alien species’ musculature is just really cool to look at.  The three seconds that you get to see the drill sergeant Kilowog are absolutely beautiful.  Oa is an entire world with thousands of alien species on it, but we only get about five minutes to see any of it.

I am also very happy that I went to see this in 2D.  So far, Avatar has been the only 3D experience I have had where it added anything to the film.  In that film, you could see frickin dust floating through Pandora’s air.  It made all of the intricacies that James Cameron added into his labor of love each stand out as the works of art that they were.  Every film since then that I have seen in 3D has been a crappy money grab.  I am hearing that the new Transformers does it right, but other than that I cannot in good conscience recommend 3D in any other film.

The only way 3D would have been worth it.

So my recommendation is weird on this one.  I would recommend you go see it.  Because now that all of this stupid Earth crap is out of the way, they can make an intergalactic police force movie called Green Lantern that kicks ass.  From the hints of it that are in this movie, you can tell that it would be epic and stunning.  So I would ask that you go see this movie so that you can get introduced to the characters, and give Hollywood a reason (money) to make a mind blowing experience.  Consider it an investment in future joygasms.

Have you seen Green Lantern?  What did you think of it?  Let us know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch

6 thoughts on “Green Lantern Review

  1. I believe you are right in the sense that they didn’t show enough fighting or show more of Oa and the Green Lantern species in the crops. BUT, on the other hand this was a great introduction into what looks to be a new series of of movies, for DC. This is DC’s front line against Ironman, their introduction to the Justice League(JL), which means while they work on Flash, a good Superman movie, and a more sensible Batman for the JL, that leaves a huge window for a second Green Lantern movie, not only with the arch enemy being established, Sinestro, but the possibility (and hope) that they start the Sinestro Corps Wars. A series that would involve less earth, and more alternate Green Lantern agents, with HUGE battles involved. So there is hope!!

    • That is exactly why I am telling people they should go see it. I want those epic intergalactic battles. I want Darkest Night and Brightest Day. Those would be epic movies!

  2. Sweet review, baby! This is one of the first positive ones I’ve read too, so it’s giving me the smallest glimmer of hope when I go check it out this weekend. I’m going with the GF, but I’ll be thinking of you the whole time 🙂

    • To be fair, your girlfriend is always thinking of me when you two are together. : )

  3. Thank goodness a bit of love. I’m putting it back on my ‘see it in theaters list’

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