Drive Angry Review

Drive Angry is one hell of a movie.  If you like violence, cars, women and some more violence; you will love this movie.  It is a throw back to 70’s exploitation movies that does everything those movies wished they could have done in the 70’s.  I honestly believe that if Nicolas Cage had been making movies in the 70’s he would have almost exclusively made movies just like this.  What is surprising about his performance though, is that he does not Nic Cage it up.  He actually plays his character pretty straight.

Drive Angry is about John Milton (Nic Cage) escaping from hell to avenge his daughter’s death and save his granddaughter from a cult.  I was a bit afraid in the opening scene because the CGI of him breaking out of hell is pretty weak.  Luckily, no other visuals in the movie are.  Milton needs a ride once he is back on Earth and is lucky enough to run into Piper (the ridiculously hot Amber Heard) who just so happens to be driving a suped up Dodge Charger.

Nice combo!

Then we get introduced to one of my favorite parts of this film, The Accountant (William Fichtner).  He keeps track of all of the souls in hell for Satan and is sent to collect Milton.  Fichtner plays this role one half serious, one half tongue-in-cheek.  Every time that he is up on screen, I was smiling.  He is going after Milton and doesn’t give a crap about anyone that gets in his way.

Milton and Piper are chasing after King (Billy Burke) and his cult.  King killed Mitlon’s daughter in a truly horrible way and is planning on sacrificing her child in order to bring hell to Earth.  Milton follows Kings trail to a bar where he meets a waitress (Charlotte Ross) who is very obviously interested in Milton.  This leads to a fantastic scene where Milton and the waitress are having a very good (and loud) time.  The waitress asks why Milton doesn’t undress during this deed, and he replies that he never disrobes before a gun fight.  It turns out that King’s men are about to ambush Milton.  Milton then proceeds to get in a gun fight while he is still in the waitress.  I have to admit that, although I have seen something similar to this before in Shoot ‘Em Up, I thought that director Patrick Lussier was able to do it in a very inventive way that really utilized the 3D visuals.

Would a gun fight take you away from this woman?

I also wanted to comment on what an incredible idea of hell Drive Angry has.  I don’t know why this stuck with me, but it sure seemed like one hell of a hell.  Sure, everyone in hell is burning in eternal fire.  But they are also forced to watch the suffering of their loved ones and people from their lives that was caused because of them.  Milton breaks out of hell because he had to watch the horrible things that King did to his daughter in incredibly graphic detail.  Luckily, we don’t have to watch all of this.  But the thought of that really makes me want to stay away from that place.  Not that I had any desire to go there in the first place, that is just a horrific (but brilliant) interpretation of hell.

Ok, I did kind of want to meet Ghandi...

Drive Angry has cars, guns, boobs and violence.  That sentence either sold you or made you run screaming away.  If you are into mindless films with crazy action, I can guarantee you will enjoy Drive Angry.

Have you seen Drive Angry?  What did you think of it?  Let me know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch