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This has nothing to do with the below post. I just typed in “Extremely Awesome” and this was by far the most awesome thing I saw.

I just received this email the other day, and it made me excited.  I love people who love movies.  The chance to hear from a ton of people who love movies and why was something that I needed to be involved in.  I also wanted to share it with all of you.  So I asked the email writer if I could post his initial email so that when I wrote my top 10 it would make sense for why I did it.  Not only did I get permission to put it on 47 Reviews, but I also get the privilege of inviting all of you to join in as well.  So please read this invitation and send in your top tens.  The email to send it to is after the invitation.  Without further ado:



As you may or may not know, Sight & Sound, a monthly film magazine published by the British Film Institute, has, since, 1952, released a poll by more than 200 film critics, filmmakers, and film historians, listing the ten greatest movies ever made. It is commonly thought of as the most accurate reflection of where serious critical opinion falls on the greatest of movies. You can explore the list here.
Sight & Sound will be releasing the seventh installment of this list later this year and I thought we could show those snooty critics what’s what. Some of you participated in my Greatest Films of the 00’s poll a couple of years ago so you are familiar with the drill. What I want here is everybody’s top ten list of the greatest films ever made. I will then compile those lists and reveal the consensus top ten. Last time, I encouraged longer lists and will do so again but know that only the top ten will be awarded points, so if you give me a top 25, the bottom 15 will not be counted for the final list. Also, no ties. Ties are crap. You may be thinking that it’s a sneaky way of getting more movies on your top ten list, like saying there are 30 movies tied for 10th, but that won’t fly. If I receive any ties I will give points to the movies tied alphabetically.
This is a chance to show off your cinematic taste, so don’t be shy. Don’t think you have to pick high-brow stuff, you’re not trying to impress anybody (even on the hoighty-toighty Sight & Sound poll, Back to the Future got a vote) so give me as many Jason Bourne movies or Will Ferrell comedies as you think deserve it. However, Transformers movies will not receive points in any circumstance. If you want to add some reasoning why you selected the ten you selected, feel free to share. The point is to get people to talk about movies and why they like them, which is the greatest thing a human can do. Also, please feel free to share this invitation with friends and colleagues. The more the merrier, and with as diverse an opinion as possible.
Now, I’d like to answer a question that came up time and time again for the Films of the 00’s poll, namely, what to do with trilogies, whether to treat them as three separate movies or one entity and I’ve decided to adopt Sight & Sound’s stance on this, which is to accept whatever you submit. Whatever you write down (provided it doesn’t include the word ‘Transformers’ at any point) it will receive points. For example, in the 2002 Sight & Sound poll, votes were received for:
  • The Godfather
  • The Godfather Part II
  • The Godfather & The Godfather Part II
  • The Godfather Trilogy
I personally think that The Godfather and The Godfather Part II are in no way two parts of one entity but that entry was popular enough to win a place on the final list so I must be alone in that. The point is, you no longer need to fret over which Police Academy movie to honor, you can honor them all! If you want to submit ‘The James Bond Series’ it will get counted. I draw the line at, say, ‘Every movie directed by Steven Spielberg’ or ‘Tom Hanks Comedies.’ Don’t abuse the system.
So, to recap. Here’s what I need:
A list of the 10 Greatest Films of All Time sent to me by April 30, please try to include the name of the film’s director, I want to know which version of Arthur is being submitted.
Please send all of your top ten lists to NRenkoski at Gmail dot com.  I would also extend that if you are willing to let us post your top ten list on 47 Reviews, please email your list to me at RyanLynch at 47LLC dot com.
~Ryan Lynch

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