Jonny’s Top 10

A few weeks ago, Ryan executed a call to arms, asking for everyone to submit their all time Top Ten Favorite Movies of all time list.*  He did this in response to an actual publication that is in no way affiliated with this website, especially since our legal department received multiple cease and desist letters.  Ryan took an interesting approach in evaluating what made the cut on his own Top Ten list.  Apparently his thought process went like this:

Ryan’s Top 10

A couple of weeks ago, I added this Request for Top 10’s to 47 Reviews.  Since then I have been assembling my own.  To explain my process: I brainstormed a large group of movies that I thought would be on my list.  Then I wrote them all out on individual pieces of paper in order to make a visual list.  On that list I would compare two movies at a time with the question, “If I was trapped on a desert island with a solar cell and a computer that only had one of these movies on it, which one would I want?”