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It is not too often that you are going to see me praise a chick flick.  I realize that that can be seen as a derogatory label, but I am here to tell you that Bridesmaids proves that it doesn’t have to be.  In fact, I would be confident in recommending Bridesmaids to most men.  But we will get to that eventually.

I honestly had no intention whatsoever of seeing this film.  I hate Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live.  Which is weird, because I usually love her when she is in films.   I think that in movies, she usually plays an actual character.  Whereas on SNL every skit these days seems to center around how annoying can the main character be.  I will give Kristen Wiig props, she can be r e a l l y annoying.  But then I read a metric crap ton of reviews saying that this was one of the funniest movies of 2011.  I was intrigued.

This is not your normal chick flick.  There are real characters doing believable things that grow out of their personalities.  Wait a second, you are saying, women in film have personalities?  You might not believe that if you have had to sit through Bride Wars or any Summer blockbuster.  But the women in this film are not just eye candy or bland arch-types.

Bridesmaids is the story of Annie (Kristin Wiig) learning a valuable life lesson.  Unfortunately for her best friend, Lillian (Maya Rudolph), she learns said lesson over the course of being Lillian’s Maid of Honor.  You see, Annie is the guest of honor at her very own pity party.  Her business has gone under.  Her boyfriend has dumped her.  She is broke and she might even have to move in with her mother.  Basically, her world is swirling down that wonderful toilet called life.

To make matters worse, Lillian has a new friend: Helen (Rose Byrne).  Helen is what every woman wishes she had when planning her wedding.  A meticulous planner with oodles of cash who wants nothing more than to make Lillian happy.  So Annie instantly sees her as the person that she wishes she could be for Lillian.  These two trying to one up each other for Lillian is the source of many great scenes.

Damn you Rose Byrne! Why must you be so perfect?

But no review of Bridesmaids would be complete without discussing Megan (Melissa McCarthy).  She is the role that Zach Galifianakis would play if this movie was called Groomsmen.  In fact, I would like to start an outcry right here that these two need to get together and make the most hilarious film ever about two part idiot/part awesome people doing something absolutely ridiculous together.  Maybe they fight crime in the ghetto of Beverly Hills.  Maybe they help people find love in  airport terminals.  Whatever it is, I am sure that it is stupid and immensely entertaining.

Back to Megan.  She is a self confident, over-sharing, badass of a woman.  She singlehandedly is worth the price of admission to Bridesmaids.  I have two words for you to watch out for with Megan: guns and flaps.  If you are not laughing when those two things are being talked about, then you probably feast on puppies and kittens you soulless bastard.

I should give one word of warning.  This is a Judd Apatow production.  Which means that there is some gross out humor.  The food poisoning scene in particular is equal parts disgusting and hilarious.  You really haven’t laughed until you have seen Maya Rudolph pooping in the street. In fact, I am laughing a little bit to myself right now just remembering it.  Fantastic!

I would recommend Bridesmaids to men and women of all ages.  The gross out parts are pretty rare, while the laughter is constant.  The theater that I saw this in was packed and everyone was rolling in their seats.  If you feel like laughing, you should check out Bridesmaids.

Have you seen Bridesmaids?  What did you think of it?  Let us know in the comments below.

~Ryan Lynch

2 thoughts on “Bridesmaids Review

  1. Hello my friend! I was just thinking about how I miss our movie convos and would really like to talk about Bridesmaids with you and then I logged on here and voilà: Bridesmaids review!
    While I enjoyed the movie and at times was laughing so hard I was crying, I have to disagree with the people saying this is better than the Hangover. I just didn’t get the all around feeling of constant humor from BM as I did from the HO and truly at times felt BM was stagnant and needed a bit more forward movement. I entirely agree with your assessment of Melissa McCarthy’s character. She sold this movie in my opinion. And if her and Zach made a movie together I would die. It would be epic!!

    • I would have to agree with you. The Hangover was simply hilarious and only got more so the further you got into it. I feel like Bridesmaids was more of an actual story with actual characters which made you care about them. They did ridiculous things, but they were understandable for the most part.

      Pulling out your own tooth: not understandable.

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