Dredd Review

Wow!  I was absolutely amazed by Dredd.  This film did so many things right and it did them well.  The action, the story, the visuals were all just dead on.  Dredd uses 3D and slow motion in a way that makes sense and that really adds to the cinema experience.  I am writing this with the hopes that I can talk all of you into going to see this film, because it so deserves to have sequels made.  If you like action films at all and you can handle some solid gore, then you must go see Dredd.

The Expendables 2 Review

I was very lucky growing up.  Both of my parents are cinephiles and I got to go to tons of movies.  The ones that I remember most were the ones that my father (and on occasion my mother) and I went to.  I learned that one person could be badass enough to take on entire armies.  One person could take on a skyscraper full of bad guys and curse like a sailor while doing it.  Oh yeah, and you also got to have sex with beautiful women and crack jokes between jump spin kicks and taking on 1,000 people at once.  These were my heroes.

Ted Review

I am not a huge Seth Macfarlane fan.  I enjoyed Family Guy when it first came out, but then every show had no point and just seemed like an excuse to make a weird pop culture reference.  I tried American Dad for about two episodes, but pretty much had the same complaints about it.  Which meant that I didn’t even give The Cleveland show a chance.

Prometheus Review

I will start with a spoiler warning. Much of this review is going to talk about pretty massive spoilers for the film.  So you should really only read on if you have already seen the film, or you don’t care about reading spoilers before seeing it.  If you fall into either of those camps, read on.  If not, you might want to come back after seeing Prometheus.

Men in Black 3 Review

I really did enjoy the original Men in Black. Will Smith was just coming into his own, and movie magic was good enough that everything was believable.  But then Men in Black 2 came out and it was essentially the exact same movie.  Beat for beat, almost the exact same things happened, but somehow it was much worse.  So I had mixed feelings going into MIB3.  I am happy to report that Men in Black 3 was able to come away as my favorite of the three.

The Five-Year Engagement Review

The 5 Year Engagement starts where most romantic comedies end: at the proposal.  Usually you have two single people getting into awkward situations trying to figure each other out.  It works because you are not sure if it is going to work out (actually, you pretty much always know it is going to work out).  But you don’t have the investment level in their relationship, because they are just getting to know each other.  No commitment has been made.