A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas Review

Yikes! The movie came out a month ago and I’m just reviewing it now. This is awkward.

47 Reviews is incredibly proud to introduce our FOURTH guest writer, Nikita Tolani. She is a vixen of the vernacular, the empress of entertainment, and the latest addition to our movie review family.  So grab your favorite seasonal beverage, don your Christmas sweater of choice, and enjoy her retrospective of the latest Harold & Kumar installment…

Christmas movies play a pretty important role in my daily December routine. Let’s just say I’m a big holiday freak.  With that said, I know it’s incredibly hard to make a holiday movie stand the test of time and remain on everyone’s must watch list.  For me, very few recent movies have made the cut, and I hate to say this, but A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS is no exception.  SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie yet and/or don’t want your mind blown.

You see, Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn) were back in action, sort of grown up and ready for a third, more festive round of their usually delightful franchise. I really wish I could say it didn’t disappoint, but alas I could not. With the success of the first two films, I had super high hopes for the latest.  But the characters seemed stale, while the ridiculous holiday based story lines just missed the mark.  I’m not going to lie, the movie portrayed a baby high on ecstasy, weed and cocaine all at the same time. She didn’t die in case you’re wondering. I know it’s not supposed to be realistic and all, but that was just silly. Really, the only good thing to come out of all the absurd drug use was the claymation Harry and Kumar (with five O’s and three U’s).  It was no COMMUNITY Christmas episode, but it still worked for me. It changed the movie up a bit, making it feel a bit more playful and fun. It was actually the first time during the movie I belted out an actual laugh.

http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/j/MSNBC/Components/Photo/_new/111107-harold-kumar-claymation.380;380;7;70.jpgI have to say, seeing the duo together again definitely brought back a lot of laugh worthy memories, especially from the first film. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize this Christmas “spectacular” was almost the same GD movie as the first, just a little cheesier, less original and didn’t feature Freakshow/Grand Wizard aka Detective Stabler aka Christopher Meloni. It had what I like to call “a case of the HANGOVER II’s.” I mean, they even ate at White Castle for crying out loud (not that I’m complaining; it definitely made the first movie).  Nothing really felt shock worthy this time; not even the one and only Swarley himself, Neil Patrick Harris.

Whata beaut! And checkout that tat of a crucified Jesus. It takes up half the screen! Based on this photo alone, he should have been in the 3rd movie. No question.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some NPH time.  I could watch that man perform, literally, all day long.  I feel the director (Todd Strauss-Schulson) didn’t utilize Neil’s character (aka himself) enough, which was upsetting. When we did see him, he was bordering on disturbing rapist drug addict with a twitch. Still, his scene was not so much outrageous, as it was just uncomfortable. That is not how I like my NPH coffee served.  See, in the first one, Neil reminded me of what HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’S Barney would be like in a rated ‘R’ movie. It was all 8 balls, strippers and bliss for him. Here, he just seemed like, well, an asshole. Whatever, NPH is the shit no matter what anyone says, even myself. We did get a pretty sweet sauce musical number out of him, so why am I complaining?

So, before you H&K fans start ripping me a new one due to my complaints, I will say that I didn’t hate the movie even a little bit.  It had everything you could ask for in a comedy: road trip hijinks, cameos up the wazoo, plenty of arson, drug use and the munchies. Oh and a robot. Not just some average, run of the mill droid, but one that can make waffles (yum) safely without burning you to death like most everyday toasters. Because I’m sure that’s what generally happens with your daily eggo fix; your hand melts off! Though genius, the Waffle Bot wasn’t the only thing I liked about the movie.

“Waffles + Robots = Awesome.” Couldn’t agree more with the slogan. Pancakes suck. O’Doyle rules. Nuff said.

I also enjoyed how much the movie makes fun of itself for being shown in 3D. The filmmakers drew obvious attention to the use of it by featuring smoke rings, penises and confetti protruding out of the screen.  It really didn’t take itself too seriously, which made it easier to bear than some other 3D movies out there (aka all of them). I think it’s positive that I didn’t want to throw up after, so take it as a sign that the movie is still worth seeing.

All in all, didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it. It was simply average funny, with a hint of holiday delight! So if you’re looking for mindless adventure, familiar faces, and some Christmas spirit, then you should totally check it out if you haven’t already seen it!

So, did you see A VERY HAROLD & KUMAR 3D CHRISTMAS? If so, what did you all think? Was it weird seeing STAR TREK star John Cho and a post White House Kal Pen as their former stoner bros again? Do you want Kal to leave HIMYM as much as I do? Sound off in the comments below!

Neil Patrick Harris in 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas' - harold-and-kumar fan art Happy Holidays, for reals!


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  1. Great post Nikita! I loved the claymation and self-referential humor as well. Thank you for the fantastic read!

  2. Truth be told, I haven’t seen any of the H&K movies, but I’m sad to read that NPH’s cameo in this one was a dud. On the plus side, that picture of Christopher Meloni. ‘Nuff said.

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